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Reclaimed Wood Fixtures and Furniture with a Vintage Flair


Indeed, the world will never seem to run out of innovations for constructing and refurbishing houses and commercial buildings. However, not much credit is being given to the timelessly cost-effective contributions brought by the use of reclaimed wood furniture.

The idea of building a new home, revamping an old site or creating personalized reclaimed wood furniture sounds like a pretty exciting task to take on. People find delight in reinforcing their design ideas and breathing life into what used to be a dull, desolated space. At the same time, there is also immense pride when it comes to mixing and matching ancient artistry with modernized architecture. If you ask us at Story Barns, we prefer manipulating vintage materials like reclaimed wood, because these types of lumber possess more character and advantages than meets the eye.

Retrieved or reprocessed wood can be obtained from a number of sources like old barns, snow fences and coal mines. Dating back since the earlier eras of mankind, lumber from abandoned areas have been fixed and redesigned for both functional and decorative purposes.

There are as many varieties of fixtures and furniture that can be made from reclaimed wood, as there are many improvements that it can incorporate in your home.

Some may claim to be apprehensive with the idea of using repurposed lumber for their properties due to the fact that they contain different marks like worm tracks and holes, along with small pieces of nails and metal. However, these are actually part of what makes reclaimed wood more valuable than newly cut pieces of timber. Likewise, there are simple remedies like applying sandpaper, coating and varnish to eliminate or conceal the said imperfections. We also highly recommend reclaimed wood because these materials are more readily available, more abundant and cost less than freshly ordered lumber. Also, its prolonged exposure to environmental factors like changes in temperature and weather conditions make it more efficient, more resilient and more refined. Furthermore, your furniture transforms into an advocate of nature because structure-wise, repurposed lumber helps decrease the amount of air pollution in your surroundings.

The following are some of the historically appealing furniture and architectural accents which can be created using recovered logs and timber:

  • Bed
  • Bench
  • Book shelf
  • Cabinet
  • Coffee table
  • Dining table
  • Doors
  • Dresser
  • Floors
  • Headboard
  • Shoe rack
  • Staircases
  • TV stand
  • Wall art
  • Wine rack

By injecting a lot more creativity, you can produce a distinct design and furniture that best suit your own lifestyle using reclaimed wood. Better yet, you can always consult the expertise of the trained and licensed professionals at Story Barns, Boulder County, in order to achieve the most stylish fixtures in town.