Repurposed Furniture

Discover A Wide Variety Of Furniture And Fixtures From Reclaimed Wood and Repurposed Furniture

Bringing new life to recycled old materials and furniture is more economic and low-priced as opposed to discarding them. Here at Story Barns LLC, we have assembled a gallery of well thought craftsmanship to help you find cheaper furniture in your home. We have a variety of choices of Repurposed Furniture and Reclaimed Wood that adds a rustic touch to your home’s artistic layout. For example, repurposed vintage ladders, bookshelves, cabinets, pot rack or numerous different constructions all as per resourceful ability are created.

The furnishing industry trends to recycle and up cycle reclaimed wood and repurposed furniture to bring a rural feel in a modernized home. At Story Barns LLC, this is what we do best. From your living room to your dining room, kitchens and bathrooms, we often exhibit contemporary appeal with reclaimed wood and repurposed tables, chairs or sinks. With our passion for woodworks and authentic craftsmanship, we strive to deliver beautiful and creative ways to reuse old wood.

Reclaimed wood impressively transformed into repurposed furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, sinks & fixtures

Our Gallery showcases our available repurposed furniture. We carry authentic hardwood furniture, pieces for home decor and creative, newly designed ideas. We are a business that specializes and focuses on recycling barn wood, from aging barns as well as other buildings. We process reclaimed wood products to build quality furnishings to your homes, including, but not limited to a wide variety of furniture and fixtures such as:

  • Chairs

    Chairs are an essential part in every home’s interior, and they make rooms comfortable, accommodating and alluring. Old wooden chairs feel comfortable and warm. At the same time they look elegant and create a stylish feel for everyone. There are countless reasons to reuse and recycle repurposed and old chairs or reclaimed wood to create chairs. Repurposed chairs can be recycled for new creations and artistries. Reused and repurposed old chairs help create a unique furnishing in your house’ interior.

    Reclaimed wooden chairs are more eco-friendly wooden materials and solid wood chairs are the best in injecting modern interior design into eco-friendly homes.

  • Tables

    Reclaimed wood is excellent for a really good table material. Old repurposed wooden tables can be painted and refinished and make unique furniture items. They can be decorated with interesting designs adding unique details to modern interior plans and personalizing your room decorating. Natural resources are limited, so reusing and recycling old materials helps preserve the environment. You also have an option of renovating your furniture, by specifying the type of design or enhancement you would want us to add.

  • Cabinets

    Using reclaimed wood for cabinets makes the items inexpensive, reasonably priced, rustic looking and eco-friendly. Availing our cabinets is one way to save money as you work on accessorizing your dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchen or completing your home construction project. Reconditioning old timber to create new cabinets can save money and benefit your home in the process. They can be sanded down and re-stained. Also, doors and pieces can be taken and rebuilt in new foundations to create a different look. Furthermore, new hardware can be placed on remaining doors for a newfangled look on reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets.

  • Bedroom Furniture

    The bedroom is a main escape for everything. It is not simply an alternative place to sleep, because it adds the perfect ambiance for relaxation.  Having a sitting room, master bathroom or walk-in closet can be even more convenient. You can makeup vanity bathroom styles for a complete get away, and be sure to include a nice closet to store your collection clothes.

    By redesigning your bedroom with our reclaimed wood furniture, we help you decide on the perfect color scheme and decoration that reflect your personality. Aside from a stylish bed for your room, we can add new décor furniture, too, which will surely revamp it into your very own vintage and stylish private space!

  • Sinks & Fixtures

    Extravagance in home living and exuding a confident impression for everyone who sees your home can be achieved through integrating the perfect accents and interior design. Our high quality fixtures and furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom make a remarkable visual impression. We work using exceptional handcraft work in building vanities, sinks, and fixtures from natural reclaimed wood and sustainable materials. Each bath vanity is built to last and handmade by artisans who employ longstanding traditions of excellent craftsmanship.

At Story Barns LLC, we supply different types of clients, like homeowners and managers of commercial properties the best reclaimed furniture in town. Our ability to create virtually any size and design for reclaimed wood furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, sinks & fixtures makes us highly sought for. We can process multiple variations of antique wood that our artisan craftsmen can custom design for each client we are working for. The pieces we make are of the highest quality, and we always make sure that these are distinctive to the owner’s preferences to make a unique work of art. Likewise, through managing both the source and end products, we deliver an extensive diversity of resources for practically all types of projects that uses repurposed lumber.

We must appreciate the exquisiteness and worth of recycled wood— from its rare quality to its durability, and it’s affinity to natural beauty and artistry. So call us to avail our services and purchase our affordable and authentic repurposed furniture now!