Reclaimed Wood Furniture & Barnwood Furniture – Authentic and Affordable

Authentic And Affordable Reclaimed Wood Furniture & Barnwood Furniture

All of us have high regards in the use of reclaimed wood furniture. It’s alluring appeal, the sturdy and longevity of the furniture, the flexibility to blend-in, and having that vintage or rural look that matches pleasantly with contemporary style homes. Another important perk is its authenticity and affordability. Reclaimed wood are recycled wood which comes from old structures and long-standing furniture, and is pretty much economical for buyers, unlike new furniture that comes with a heavy price. It’s not uncommon to see reclaimed wood furniture in urban homes, as it is sustainable, locally sourced, and appealing for home furnishings.

Story Barns LCC is a family business offering affordable services, products and sales of Reclaimed Wood Furniture such as Chairs, Tables, Cabinets, and Sinks & Fixtures. We specialize in selling of Reclaimed Wood Furniture & Barnwood Furniture products to customers who are interested in using exclusive, reclaimed materials as part of residential and/or commercial building and furnishing applications. We offer affordable services such as distress property deconstruction, reclaimed lumbar Sales, and custom reclaimed wood furniture sales. We offer home furniture design and high quality home furnishings that will suit all your needs, and eradicating any worries of high cost prices unlike any other business companies out in the market today. Our designed based furniture is of excellent quality pieces with your money’s worth guaranteed.

We specialize in using handpicked reclaimed wood from old infrastructures. These are then created into stylish pieces of furniture with sustainable finishing methods. The business is all about giving our customers low-prized options and authentic tailor-made products made by our artistic craftsmen. Story Barns LLC fine line of woodwork furniture will complement and rejuvenate your homes, giving you a unique experience of living in a modernized abode with an old style authentic custom-made furnishing of high-end quality. Our furniture designs are born out from our understanding of practical applications, trends & styles and honoring the value of your money, offering low-cost with excellence.

A significant part of the business is reclaiming wood in storehouses, barns, and railroad from the nineteenth and twentieth century. These structures have the characteristic of our American legacy and story. We offer regional standard wood from structures devastated around North and North East Colorado and a few materials from buildings in the Mid-western States. These recovered materials can be shown as a feature of our American history. Our items have been utilized as a part of the redesigning and remodel of a percentage of organizations influenced by the overwhelming surge that hit Colorado in 2013, and has been utilized by our crew to create authentic furniture.

Having an open mind and being adventurous adds a sense of fun in creating your dream home at an affordable price. We must realize the beauty and value of recycled wood, its quality, its durable, and mostly exquisiteness of artistry, as every product and services are affordable and of high quality. So call us to avail our services and purchase our affordable and authentic products now!