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Here are some pointers on how you can determine and prove the superior quality of the reclaimed barnwood furniture that we provide

Being a fresh name in this industry allows us to experiment on modern trends while complying with the rules and standards of both local and national authorities for reclaiming old wood. In relation to that, much of the responsibilities that this particular trade entails go hand in hand with the preservation of our natural resources. Thus, we can say that for every new project presented to us, we strive hard to maintain the authentic quality of our products, and stay true to the environmental purpose of handling used lumber.

What are the standards involved in assessing the validity of reclaimed wood?

Primarily, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) created the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), which is comprised of a set of prerequisites and rating systems that every green building project must adhere to. The LEED rating systems help accurately verify that the materials as well as the procedures involved in constructing green buildings are genuinely eco-friendly. Before starting with a new project, our equipment undergo extensive testing and examination by licensed lumber graders.

Specifically, we always see to it that we strictly follow and practice the following procedures and criteria:

  • Pass and obtain all appropriate design and construction credits
  • Utilize the proper drying processes to bring out the unique details and character of each type of wood
  • All reclaimed wood exhibit even distribution of insulation, along with a remarkable resistance against various forms of wear and tear
  • Collected old lumber is refurbished and reused for a different purpose from its old origin
  • Repurposed timber are custom fit to adequately support both old and new structures, and promote efficiency of water, energy and a clean atmosphere
  • Graded wood timbers are also highly resistant to flames, while exceeding the sturdiness of new wood

Our business was established based on our immense passion for creating functional pieces and breathtaking fixtures out of vintage lumber. Since our humble beginnings, we have been aiming to provide customers in Colorado alternative materials that yield more ecological and practical results for constructing and refurbishing their properties. Thus, when we brainstorm ideas with our clients so that we can produce authentic, innovative crafts that complement the fixtures that they require. Currently, we are slowly gaining the trust and confidence of both old and new clients; and this surge in the efficiency of our products and services has also gained us a number of competitors around the area.

To learn more about our 100% American Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture at Story Barns, you can visit our website at  or call us now at (970) 576-6222.